3 thoughts on “Configure Windows 10 Web sign in – 2”

  1. Hello I tried to do this administration. Is it possible to log in with the password and not with the access pass?

    1. Hi,

      The web sign in functionality is designed to be used for functionalities like Temporary Access Pass.

      “Web Sign-in” is a new way of signing into a Windows PC. It enables Windows logon support for new Azure AD credentials, like Temporary Access Pass. link

      I believe it will work for signing in the device, but its not a supported functionality

  2. As far as I understood from Microsoft you will also get the weblogin screen when adding a new device to Azure AD.

    Too bad there is no such thing as ‘weblogon’ with 2fa/mfa for Windows Login without using a third party tool. I understand Microsoft received a lot of request to do this (back in 2020 allready) but I cannot find where you can vote for this.

    Hopefully soon.

    Thanks for your blogposts btw!

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